Welsh Noiseninks XL LIFE Rage And Blaze On New Blast ‘BABY STEPS’ With Rapping Assistance Of BOB VYLAN

Works faster and harder than caffeine

17 December 2022

When Cardiff‘s hardcore-rap-punk quartet XL LIFE and London‘s hardcore-rap-punk duo BOB VYLAN get together you know there’s some heavy thunder and lightning coming up.

The collaborative blast calls BABY STEPS. Another cast iron piece of the Welshmen’s upcoming debut album The Boogie Down South that lands on 27 January 2023 via
Venn Records.

Traxx (vocalist) about the longplayer: “It’s all about living an Xtra Large Life, but in a context that holds longevity. Being that this is our whole mission statement, we’ve had to do the very thing that we didn’t want to do, which is to step back from the band until we are in a stable place. Placing our healing journey before anything else. We take the stance that anything is possible. Full restoration and recovery is possible. It might take some time and it will be
painful but we are not here to repeat the wounds of the past.”

Back to the 7-man strong performance. BABY STEPS is a rage and blaze blast,
a helter-skelter belter. Think Beastie Boys in fast-forward-punk mode. Sounds
pretty ace, right? You bloody betcha. The future looks XL.

Step up and turn it up…

XL LIFE: Facebook – Instagram

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