Musicians Support The Striking British NHS Workers

18 December 2022

Always underrated and underpaid (not only in the UK), despite
the healing and humanitarian/talking therapy work and the unlikely
amount of labour during the Covid-19 period, NHS workers in the UK
are ignored by the unworldly Tories who spend their time with me, myself,
and I
rhetoric. They do not care! They force the  NHS to strike to get
attention for their unrewarded work.

Pat Cullen, the union’s general secretary: “Hundreds of thousands
of hard-working, decent people should not be cast aside as ‘unreasonable’
for expecting better for themselves, their families and their patients.

Claire Murdoch (NHS mental health director) Over a million people already
use NHS talking therapies every year, but we know we can help just by telling
them it’s there for them

Several British musicians, such as Weller, Primal Scream and Billy Bragg,
do care and expressed their support on their social media.

Paul Weller

Primal Scream

Billy Bragg

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