SCREAM VI In March 2023 – Watch The Trailer With Your Favorite Slasher GHOSTFACE

22 December 2022

SCREAM VI is coming to haunt the world on 10 March 2023.

Tyler Gillett (director) in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“One of the things that was so exciting to us was bringing the story and bringing this
slasher icon into a new location. I think across the board, for the writers Guy [Busick]
and Jamie [Vanderbilt] as well, this was such a fun opportunity to explore what that
would feel like, bringing the world of Scream into that setting.

The teaser is a good example of how we’re having fun with that throughout the movie.
That is one of many sequences in the movie that uses the city really to its benefit and
in surprising and thrilling ways.”

Watch your back when you take the metro, certainly
in New York. Slasher Ghostface could be on it too.


SCREAM VI: Website

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