KATE BUSH Looking Back At 2022

KATE BUSH shared a Xmas message and
some 2022 thoughts on her social media.

About the UKRAINE war and the QUEEN.

“It’s a bombardment. The horrific war in Ukraine, the famines, the droughts, the floods
and we lost our Queen. Many of my friends were surprised at how upset they were at her
death especially as we aren’t royalists, but I think her passing became a focus for grief,
for unexpressed loss that so many people had felt during the pandemic.”

“Every year seems to fly by a little faster. They say this happens as you get older,
but there’s no doubt that the speed of life is accelerating at a greater rate than ever.

About RUNNING UP THAT HILL being a hit again this past summer.

“It’s been a crazy, roller coaster year for me. I still reel from the success of RUTH, being the No 1 track of this summer,” Bush continued. “What an honour! It was really exciting to see it doing so well globally, but especially here in the UK and Australia; and also to see it making it all the way to No 3 in the US. It was such a great feeling to see so many of the younger generation enjoying the song. It seems that quite a lot of them thought I was a new artist! I love that!”

KATE BUSH: Instagram

(Image on top: cover of her album ‘The Sensual World‘)

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