R.I.P. Former Associate ALAN RANKINE

4 January 2023

(Rankine on the left – McKenzie on the right)

Scottish musician/producer ALAN RANKINE has died. He was only 64.

His two sons confirmed the sad news “He died peacefully at home shortly
after spending Christmas with his family. He was a beautiful, kind, and loving
man who will be sorely missed.”
No cause of death was communicated.

Rankine, along with the late great tenor voice Billy McKenzie (who took
his own life in 1997) founded – after they performed as a duo, named the
Ascorbic Ones– post-punk-new-wave pop band THE ASSOCIATES. Rankine
left the band after their third longplayer (Sulk) in 1982.

He started to produce music for Scottish artists such as Cocteau Twins,
Paul Haig,
and Anna Domino but he also made/released 3 solo albums.

Eventually, he worked as a teacher at Stow College in Glasgow. He helped
to launch Electric Honey, a label that taught students how to release and
promote music. One of the future star bands of the label were Belle and

(From compilation album ‘Fourth Drawer Down)

Rankine on keys.

THE ASSOCIATES: History – Discography

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