PETER GABRIEL Has New Album Geared Up For 2023 -Hear The First Trippy Single ‘PANOPTICUM’ Here

New striking strokes

9 January 2023

Press pic FB PG

PETER GABRIEL has announced a new, his 9th, solo album,
baptized i/o following his previous one Scratch My Back from

No release details so far, but Gabriel just shared the first single.
with Brian Eno playing synthesizer and bells.

Gabriel: “The first song is based on an idea I have been working on to
initiate the creation of an infinitely expandable accessible data globe: the
Panopticom. We are beginning to connect a like-minded group of people
who might be able to bring this to life, to allow the world to see itself better
and understand more of what’s really going on.”

Trippy tribal vibes.

TOUR 2023: All Dates

PG: Facebook – Instagram

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