This Is A Love Song – PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. Want To Go To EUROVISION 2023 With New Love Ditty ‘HAWAII’

9 January 2023

a sort of April’s Fool Day message on the band’s
Facebook-page a couple of hours ago.

“PiL will be competing to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2023
with their new single Hawaii. A PiL song like no other.”

But as it’s 9 January today I suppose he’s not fooling us (again), but it’s still weird to – eventually – see good old Johnny Rotten representing Ireland (he was born in England to Irish parents, lives now for more than 35 years in Los Angeles and has besides the British also the American nationality) at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest next May in Liverpool. He’ll compete against five other artists.

The song in question is a new one called HAWAII dedicated to his wife who has
Alzheimer. He told The Irish Examiner: “It is dedicated to everyone going through tough
times on the journey of life, with the person they care for the most. It’s also a message
of hope that ultimately love conquers all.”

Hawaii is a sweet little pop ditty that confirms Lydon‘s well-known lifelong love for his struggling wife and that’s truly touching and way more human than supporting former President Trump, the proud boy who almost brought America‘s democracy to the ground with his mob last year (6 January) at the Capitol Hill insurrection.


PiL: Facebook – Instagram

(photo: cover of Lydon’s bio ‘Anger Is An Energy’)

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