Waking Up With Loud Turbo ENTER SHIKARI Who Will Give The Whole World A Kiss Soon

Works faster and harder than caffeine

British celebrated electro-punk-heavy-post-hardcore team ENTER SHIKARI
share their 7th longplayer, named A KISS FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, with
the world on April 21. Pre-order info here.

To make their fans drool they dropped the first taster (PLS) SET ME ON FIRE.

Rou Reynolds (frontman) told NME: “That song encompasses the experience of the last
few years. It’s the yearning for transcendency, creativity and being able to connect with people. There’s an intensity to it. It’s got full verses of shouting or pitched screaming. It’s one of the most anguish-filled songs we’ve done for a long time. It’s got that original Shikari essence to it, really.”

Start the fire here

ENTER SHIKARI: Facebook – Instagram – All Albums 

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