THE STROKES A Have Boxset With All 7″ SINGLES Off Their First 3 LPs Out In February

19 February 2023

Candy for 7″ fanatics who are fans of the NYC’s darlings.

THE SINGLES VOLUME 01 contains all of
the 10 original vinyl singles released from
the band’s first three studio LPs.

Utilizing the original single’s artwork, the boxset will include standard
black 7” vinyl of “The Modern Age,” “Hard To Explain,” “Last Nite,” and
“Someday,” off of Is This It (2001), “12:51,” “Reptilia,” and “The End Has
No End”
off Room On Fire (2003), and “Juicebox,” “Heart In A Cage,” and
You Only Live Once” off First Impressions Of Earth (2006) with their
accompanying b-sides. More details and pre-order info here.

Here’s an early – punkier – version of The Modern Age.


2023 Tour Dates with RHCP

(Image on top: Back cover of ‘Room On Fire’ album)

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