Discover Brothers In Blues… DETROIT REBELLION

23 January 2023

DETROIT REBELLION is the musical project of singer/songwriter/guitarist
Jeff Toste
from Providence, Rhode Island. He uniquely explores a world of
gritty blues and garage rock, assisted by drummer Micaiah Castro.

Last October 3rd longplayer, baptized FAKE NEWS saw the day of light.

A groovin’ swamp blues record moving forth and back, with a series of bloodcurdling mood swings, fired-up now and then with psychotic guitar-charged hooks, then again taking a sonic step back and let the crystal clear reflections about our fucked-up world
do the talking. A fascinating work it is, and a direct inducement for a talk with Jeff Toste.

But first, as usual, Turn Up The Volume starts an interview with a slice of music. Here we go.

Hello Jeff,

When and how was DETROIT REBELLION conceived?

“Somewhere around 2010? Started out of a jam with
a drummer friend who couldn’t commit to playing

So early days was an evolving solo project before
finding a drummer, but I still do solo too.”

What’s the story behind the band’s name?

“An interest in “forgotten history” and the influence
of Detroit music, especially on the new LP. I never
knew there was a Detroit Rebellion in 1967  before
I heard the name.”

Getty archives

You’re an indie DIY duo. What does
that really means in reality?

“It’s duo and/or solo, but DIY in that all writing, recording,
videos, graphics, etc… is done by Detroit Rebellion.

However, DR is open to possible collaborations on occasion.”

Which of your songs would you pick to introduce
Detroit Rebellion to people who never heard
of them?

“‘Clap Of Thunder’ is the first single off
the new release, so that’s probably best.

I revamped my guitar sound and mixed the drums
more up front on the new LP, so the sound is closer
to what we sound like live.

The song is about climate change denial and the wrath
of nature. All the songs start with guitar rhythms or riffs.

The lyrics are inspired in part by the vibe of the guitar,
and in part by what’s currently on my mind.”

New album FAKE NEWS is not a happy album.
What/who inspired you for the gloom-and-doom

“The world is not a happy place right now. Media bias,
mis-information, climate change, corruption, social
division, mental health in crises, etc…

I’m basically singing existential blues. There are
many struggles to work though and music helps.”

The album’s artwork says a lot. Who developed it
and what did you actually want to visualize?

“I developed it. I wanted an image
suggesting a dramatic wake-up call.”

You just shared a video for the album’s acoustic closer
NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW. Sonically a magical surprise.
Was it intended that way or is it a stripped down
version of an existing song of yours?

“I wrote that song approximately 13 years ago, but never
recorded it, till now. It’s only on the album because my girlfriend
heard me messing around trying to remember how it went.

She suggested I record it. Most song ideas lend themselves
to adding drums. That one had a non drum vibe.”

If you were invited to let your music be used as
a soundtrack to a movie, which one would it be?”

“I’ve been told Detroit Rebellion music would fit
on a soundtrack to a Tarantino film? Any movie
of his and/or David Lynch would be very cool.”

Suppose I asked you to have your own way with The National Anthem,
how would it sound and how would it be named?

éIt would be a swampy garage rock version named The Perilous Fight.

What’s a DETROIT REBELLION gig like?

“If it’s a duo gig, it’s an in your face guitar, drums rollercoaster ride.
If it’s a solo gig, it’s haunted house storytelling.”

Name 3 things you really want to happen in 2023.

“World peace.

A spiritual revolution

Musicians paid.”

Thank you, Jeff, for this interview.
May the road rise with you and
Detroit Rebellion in 2023.

here via Bandcamp.

DETROIT REBELLION: Facebook – Instagram

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