Shoegaze Dreamers COSMOPAARK Entice With Debut Album ‘AND I CAN’T BREATH ENOUGH’

23 January 2023

Who: French shoegaze trio from Bordeaux

Debut album out now and available (vinyl, CD, cassette, digital)
via Flippin’ Freaks, Howlin’ Banana records and Stellar Frequencies.

Turn Up The Volume: These French daydreamers operate on the sonic crossroads
where soothing shoegaze melodies, dream pop hallucinations, and multi-layered guitar rainbows come together, where shimmering star bands such as Slowdive, Ride and Mogwai used to gather for mutual inspiration, where laying on your back and muse about anything you like is not forbidden, where reality takes a break and you can breathe as much as you want. Cosmopaark‘s debut sounds familiar and melancholic, like a good My Bloody Valentine friend visiting you for the first time in a while. It’s a bright accomplishment to embrace.

Key single/clip: Haunted House

Stream/buy the album
here via Bandcamp.

COSMOPAARK: Facebook – Instagram

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