THESE THRILLING LIES… Welsh Eccentrics Jamming Their Tails Off

Daily electricity to load your batteries

28 January 2023

Who: Eccentric post-punks
from Swansea, Wales

New single: NO FOOD

“This song is self-explanatory in the sense that the simple lyrics are an immediate
and passionate response to the continuing normalisation of food banks in our country.
It seems that something culturally and politically has gone terribly wrong for this to be considered acceptable. The gulf between the haves and have-nots is forever widening
and most of the haves seem to be increasing their contempt for everyone else.”

TUTV: These Welshmen are not your average safe-sounding rock band.
They’re DIY eccentrics jamming their tails off on No Food. A crashing and
slashing cry-out growing in anxiety and fretfulness along its chaotic course.

Imagine John Bonham‘s ghost on drums, assisted by a wayward bassist,
a sultry 60s Hammond organ, psycho guitars, schizo synths and a demonic
vocalist, mixing prog-rock and garage punk into a messed-up rumpus to
scare corrupt politicians with. Sounds wicked, right? You bloody betcha.

Are they mad? Yes, they definitely
are. For the right reasons that is.

Join the trashy revolution.


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