Waking-Up To… A Wake-Up Alarm Of Former Sex Pistol GLEN MATLOCK

Works faster and harder than caffeine

1 February 2023

Never forget that former bass player GLEN MATLOCK of the Sex Pistols, who was
at one point kicked out of the band to be replaced by ‘mean-punk-face’ Sid Vicious,
wrote most of the tunes for their one and only album (best punk LP ever in my book).

After the hotheads got fed up with each other and with the manager,
the late Malcolm McLaren, it all ended after their final gig in San Francisco
in 1978.

Matlock never stopped playing. He was part of several lesser-known outfits,
tour bassist for big stars such as Blondie and Iggy Pop and recorded solo LPs
now and then, backed by his mates The Philistines.

And now he announced a new one that’s ready to go.
It’s called Consequences Coming and lands on 28 April.

The first taster HEAD ON A STICK
is a solid retro rocker. Listen below.

Matlock: “Peeved at the predictable but ultimately pointless political lurch to the right that has happened in the West over the past few years, one which has been aided and abetted by the vested interests of a client press, I put pen to paper and plectrum to guitar to compose a song that’s a call to arms, a wake up alarm and primal open your eyes scream.”

Never mind the bollocks, here’s Matlock.

GLEN MATLOCK: Facebook – Instagram

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