Works faster and harder than caffeine

2 February 2023

Yesterday night Turn Up The Volume shook his head up and down, left and right
for about an hour to the capricious, highly infectious grooves of Portsmouth/London
6-piece gang HOTEL LUX, bringing the swagger of the The Fall to mind here and there.

Another notable band of the ongoing rebirth of British post-punk alongside mavericks such as Yard Act, Crows, Black Country New Road, Ditz, shame, Black Midi, Just Mustard, caroline, LIFE and a couple more.

Only last week they released their debut LP Hands Across The Creek. A varied sublime firstborn (stream below). Punky, poppy, lullaby-y, organ-y and three expressive vocalists getting it all together. Fuck-the-right outspokenness, bloody daily life observations, and solidarity poems.

One of the several instantly catchy sing-along crackerjacks on the album is
was one of the many highlights last night in Antwerp.
It still bounced up and down in my head this morning.

There’s people my age that play
for the national team.

(Not my age, theirs)

Hotel Lux: The name of a hotel in Moscow during the Soviet Union years, housing many leading exiled and visiting Communists. During the Nazi era, exiles from all over Europe went there, particularly from Germany. But bucther Stalin tracked them down, and you can guess what happenede to them.


HOTEL LUX: Facebook – Instagram

(Live pics by Turn Up The Volume)

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