CHUM – London’s Psych Enigma Score With Their Head-Krautrock-Spinning Debut Single

Daily electricity to load your batteries

4 February 2023

(photo by Suzi Corker)

Band: CHUM
Who: A 4-piece enigma from London. They have already gained an underground reputation for bringing a live show which floats somewhere between séance, pantomime and bad trip. They have a passion for humour, theatrics and the ethereal all the while set to a backdrop of crushing bass heavy sonics, maniacal kraut-tinged drumming and toe-tapping pop-esque melodics, interspersed with a dry somewhat disturbed vocal delivery.

From upcoming debut LP Metaphysical, due out in April.

Artwork: Suzi Corker

TUTV: Blimey! What a brainbreaker, what a mindtwister, what a debut.
From the get-go repetitive Krautrock dynamics do your head without asking
permission first. It just happens in an eye-ear blink. It feels like this jagged
jackhammer plays on repeat, over and over again, within its own swirling
structure. Its trance-inducing beats create a hypnotic and puzzling razzmatazz
you can’t and you won’t escape from. Bingo! Touchdown! I want more.

Press play and get magnetized.

CHUM: Facebook – Bandcamp

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