After 43 Years BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Fanzine BACKSTREETS Call It A Day As THE BOSS Only Plays For The Rich

announced that after 43 years it will cease publication.

“It’s a “three-part predicament: [Springsteen] concerts that we can hardly
afford; that many of our readers cannot afford; and that a good portion of
our readership has lost interest in as a result.” Basically, “hardcore fans in the
Backstreets community” can no longer afford to see their hero live, thanks to
Springsteen opting into Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing model for his 2023 tour.”

Full statement HERE.

And it’s not only The Boss‘ concerts prices that go through the roof.
Check entrance prices for Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cure, Nick Cave,
Bob Dylan, Billie Eilish, Madonna
, U2, The Stones, Béyonce, Neil Young
and so on. Rich artists only play for the rich. Rock ‘n’ roll! NOT!

Born to be rich.
Playing for the rich.

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