British Guitar Pop Sensation WET LEG Win 3 Grammys

6 February 2023

The album’s artwork

Well, sometimes the Grammy Awards pick great non-corporte artists.
Yesterday night Isle of Wight‘s guitar pop sensation WET LEG won no less
than 3 Grammys. For Best Alternative Album (their 2022 self-titled debut), for
Best Alternative Music Performance
with the LP’s super-duper single Chaise
and for Best New Artist.

The other nominees in the category Alternative Album were Arcade Fire’s ‘WE’,
Big Thief’s ‘Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You’, Björk’s ‘Fossora’,
Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ ‘Cool It Down’


CHAISE LONGUE (fantastic live version)


WET LEG: Facebook – Instagram

(Last Summer in Belgium – photo by Turn Up The Volume)

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