SCATTERED ASHES – Shimmering Dark-Post-Punk-Wave Dubliners Share New Video For Juggernaut ‘FERAL’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

7 February 2023

Who: Dark-post-punk-wave team from Dublin, Ireland
that matches aggressive sonic textures with a strict sense of
space, created by urgent guitar stylings and prophetic vocals.

Single: FERAL

TUTV: If Feral came up on my headphones without any prior info I would have
sworn that the NYC darlings Interpol returned with a back-to-their-electrical-roots chainsaw juggernaut. The careless days before expensive producers were send by their record label into the studio to clean up their sound to seduce the masses. I hope these ambitious Dublin wolves just keep on following their sharp-cutting punk instinct and keep on trusting their own ears in the future and will stun us with more of their genuine trance-inducing turbulence as displayed here on Feral.

Robert Dalton (vocalist) about the new video: “We wanted to do something slightly
left field with the video and have always strived to infuse art at a greater length within our work. The image we chose for Ian Grouse (the artist) to paint resonated deeply with this theme of degradation: Clodagh O’Leary’s piece speaks of temptation and desecrated beauty. Having the video capture Ian in the process of painting this image highlighted the symbiotic nature between art and music.”


SCATTERED ASHES: Facebook – Instagram

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