Kentucky Garage Punks WHITE REAPER Back In Town With 4th LP ‘ASKING FOR A RIDE’

12 February 2023

Who: Garage punks from Louisville, Kentucky
Active: Since 2012 / 4 LPs (new one included)

New album: Asking For A Ride
Released: 27 January 2023 – order here

Pitchfork says: “The Louisville rock band refines its major-label sound on a brief but
charming new album: It hits hardest when you don’t think too much about it. It’s a refinement of the Major Label White Reaper Sound, where the hooks and melodies are undeniable and now include some Kiss-sized muscle. At its best, Asking for a Ride confirms that they have evolved from writing songs daydreaming of playing stadiums to writing songs that would sound huge in one. But at 29 minutes, this is their shortest album, and for the first time, there’s some filler.
The van is a lot nicer, but the destination feels unclear.”
Score: 6.5/10.

TUTV: Tons of riff extravaganza but too much on automatic pilot.

Singles/clips: Pages / Fog Machine / Pink Slip





WHITE REAPER: Facebook – Instagram

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