Waking Up With DEATH BEATS From Darkwave Duo NECRØ

Works faster and harder than caffeine

18 February 2023

Photo: Pedro Roque – Eyes Of Madness

Artists: NECRØ (Lisboa, Portugal)

Who: The latest project from João Vairinhos, a musician with self-published work,
but who also collaborated with other artists. For NECRØ, he recruited Sara Inglês,
the idiosyncratic singer and keyboard player.

The sound of NECRØ could be described as a fusion between a gruesome tone of Boy Harsher and a more exploratory take on Perturbator. But the fact is that the composing and voice skills presented here have at its core a personality that needs no metaphorical comparison exercise, however creative that it may seem.

New single: DEATH BEATS
The title track of the sterling, new
6-track EP (buy/stream below).

TUTV: This dark-techno-wave rumbling stomps and whomps with intense
impetus doing your head in from the get-go. Doomed beats for twilight parties.
The tenebrous vibe at play here sends shivers down your spine, while Sara Inglês‘s
ghostly wailing is reminiscent of the darkest Siouxsie Sioux moments. No, this is not
a happy song, it’s a reality song, it’s a sonic snapshot of the somber times we live in.
It’s a now reflection.

Tune in.

Death Beats – EP

NECRØ: Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp

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