Techno Maverick LEG PUPPY Presents A ‘SPECIAL KIND OF GIRL’ Who Is Looking For A Partner In Crime

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20 February 2023

London‘s underground techno misfit LEG PUPPY who claims to have the best
band in the world, is getting closer to the release of the best album in the world,
in 2023, named FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY. Out on 10 March.

Pre-order info here.

To get us in the right drooling mood we can jump from right to left and back,
up and down, on one or two legs like a kangaroo to the album’s third taster,
following head-twisting jams Warm Leatherette and Johnny Pigman.

SPECIAL KIND OF GIRL is a special kind of track. Throbbing military fanfare
drums rollin’ throughout, while a story of revenge is rapped all over it, with
a special kind of backing vocals girl, and glinstering guitars joining the ride
midway. Well, I’m a candidate for being her partner in crime. Call me. Bingo.

Ps: As usual great artwork and
a great video clip. Bingo again.

“She wants a partner in crime
Who looks quite dashing
She’ll send him a message
When her app stops crashing

She’ll take him to bingo
With the blue rinse brigade
Show him off, to all the
friends that she’s made

She’s a special kind of girl”

Roll the tape.

Produced, mixed and mastered by
Paris Alexander (BDMP)
Guitar Vaat Da Fuq
Vox Booby
Video Dali vs Disney

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