Waking Up With Techno Veterans ORBITAL And SLEAFORD MODS On The Stereo

Works faster and harder than caffeine

20 February 2023

Oxford‘s ravers ORBITAL entertained countless ravers since 1989.
After a couple of hiatuses, they’re back in nightclub land with their
brand new album titled Optical Delusion (stream below).

The Guardian (UK newspaper): “A flurry of guest vocalists all have things
to say on the duo’s potent 10th album, and yet the real magic happens when
they’re left to their own devices.”

To my ears, DIRTY RAT is the standout track.
A bass-driven techno banger feat. a rant by
Sleaford ModsJason Williamson.

Wham bam!

Optical Illusion

ORBITAL: Website – Instagram

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