American Songsmith EUGENE Touches Heart And Soul With Romantic Ballad ‘HEAVEN’

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

26 February 2023

American singer-songwriter EUGENE started his musical journey singing in
the streets in 2015. Since then, music has taken him through over 18 countries,
allowed him to pay off his debts and allow him to concentrate on songs with
positive messaging.

(FB Eugene)

In 2023 his goal is to get to release one song per month. But he needs
a little help to do so. Join his GenieClub for a little cost of a cup of coffee.
Info here.

Eugene: “I’m recording songs that can inspire, bring us together and give
us hope for a better tomorrow. By joining the GenieFamily, you’ll help me
release more songs quicker & get a few perks in return.”

His brand new song is named HEAVEN. It’s a heart-and-soul touching pearl.
A wishfull, romantic ballad that triggers your phantasy and your daydreaming.
An acoustic guitar beauty accompanied by warm glowing trumpet fragments
and Eugne‘s longing, tender vocals shine in the middle. A record label should
sign him. Now.

Listen here.

EUGENE: Website – Instagram – GenieClub

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