From Garage Punk Fireworks To Bombast Rock And Boring Guitar Solos – THE DAMNED In Belgium

THE DAMNED – Casino Venue Sint-Klaas, Belgium – 4 March 2023

London‘s veteran punks THE DAMNED are smashing it up since
1976 and have no intention whatsoever to enjoy a lazy pension.

They tour relentlessly and assembled the original line-up for a short reunion
tour in the UK last year. Drummer Rat Scabies and bassist Brian James joined
the two originals who were always around, singer Dave Vanian and guitarist
Captain Sensible
(with a hiatus here and there).

Damned classic

So when they landed in Belgium last Saturday it was back
to Vanian and Captain Sensible and some musical mercenaries.

Their main goal was clear: promoting the upcoming new LP, their 12th, titled Drakadelic (out on 28 April). They played 6 out of the 12 tracks of the album, average songs on first hearing. But hey, they can (or can’t) grow on you. What really disappointed me was their overall bombastic and retro hard rock sound and… lots of boring Captain Sensible guitar solos. Whoever said once upon a time that punk wars were fought to kill guitar solos?

Too many 60s guitar solos for sensible ears

It felt like if The Damned are preparing themselves for a new let’s conquer America attempt with their heavy macho MOR approach. Even their classics such as Born To Kill, Neat Neat Neat, Love Song, Smash It Up and their best blast New Rose almost drowned in the mess of decibels, although kudos to Vanian whose voice is as poignant as ever. Well, I guesss, my final verdict is obvious. Besides some rare, rowdy garage punk fireworks The Damned sounded like old roses in town.

From poor graveyard digger to rich graveyard digger

New single The Invisible Man.

Artwork of new album Darkadelic.

Oops, too loud!

THE DAMNED: Bio – Discography – Instagram

Photos by Turn Up The Volume

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