TEN YEARS AFTER Goin’ Home At WOODSTOCK 1969 – R.I.P. ALVIN LEE Who Passed Away 10 Years Ago

7 March 2023

TEN YEARS AFTER was a riff-loaded blues-rock group, led by guitar wizard
ALVIN LEE, that had a first wild ride from 1966 to 1975 with 8 LPs, hit singles,
and memorable concerts.

The band reunited in 1988 for another cast iron noise journey.

Unfortunately, Alive Lee passed away 10 years ago (6 March 2013) due to nforeseen complications following a routine surgical procedure” to correct an atrial arrhythmia.
He was 68.

To remember him here’s that remarkable live-registration of TYA playing the infamous Woodstock Festival in 1969 closing with their head-spinning hit I’m Going Home.


TEN YEARS AFTER: Bio – Discography

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