THE CURE With ‘PICTURES OF YOU’ – This Day In 1990

Pictures Of You is an epic standout single by goth
icons THE CURE from their 1989 album Disintegration.

It was released 33 years ago, on 19 March 1990, ago as
the 4th single of that mega successful LP, their eight LP.
The inspiration for this classic came when a fire broke loose
in Robert Smith‘s home. After that day, Smith was going
through the remains and came across his wallet which
had pictures of his wife, Mary.

The cover of the single is one of the pictures.

Here’s the original clip…

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Classic Clips – BABES IN TOYLAND With BRUISE VIOLET (1992)

For your eyes

13 March 2023

Minneapolis‘ riot grunge grrrls BABES IN TOYLAND (1987–2001, 2014–2020) were punk pussyKats you’d better not mess around with. Their barbed wire in-your-face bravado could split atoms and Kat Bjelland‘s intimidating vox was clamorously ace.

Remember their stupendous single BRUISE VIOLVET and its utterly cool
babes-rock video clip from their amazeballs 1992 album Fontanelle?

Roll the tape.


U2 On The Roof Where The Streets Have No Name 36 Years Ago

Global rock stars U2 released their magnum opus
The Joshua Tree 36 years ago today, on 9 March 1987.

One of the sublime hit singles on it was WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME.
A video clip for the song was shot on a roof in Los Angeles drawing thousands
of people cheering.

U2 played an 8-song set with 4 versions of the single. Eventually, the police ordered
the band and their crew to stop and leave as the crowd became to big to handle.

Relive the euphoria at play.

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TEN YEARS AFTER Goin’ Home At WOODSTOCK 1969 – R.I.P. ALVIN LEE Who Passed Away 10 Years Ago

7 March 2023

TEN YEARS AFTER was a riff-loaded blues-rock group, led by guitar wizard
ALVIN LEE, that had a first wild ride from 1966 to 1975 with 8 LPs, hit singles,
and memorable concerts.

The band reunited in 1988 for another cast iron noise journey.

Unfortunately, Alive Lee passed away 10 years ago (6 March 2013) due to nforeseen complications following a routine surgical procedure” to correct an atrial arrhythmia.
He was 68.

To remember him here’s that remarkable live-registration of TYA playing the infamous Woodstock Festival in 1969 closing with their head-spinning hit I’m Going Home.


TEN YEARS AFTER: Bio – Discography


11 January 2023

Liverpool’s heroes ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN wrote/recorded
one of the best ballads ever in music history with magical gem
OCEAN RAIN, the title track of their 1984 magnum opus.

The live rendition of this diamond on British legendary music TV Show
The Tube (1982-1987) on 16 December 1983 is vintage Bunnymen with
big mouth Ian McCulloch doing what he did/does all his life. Singing cool,
performing cool and looking cool.

Roll the tape.

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