Female Electro Pop Trio CHIC CHOC Fight For Women’s Rights With Debut Dance Floor Knockout ‘FREEDOM’

9 March 2023

Who: Three musically seasoned Amazons from NYC using drum machines,
synthesizers, guitars, voice and a variety of sound filters and pedals to make
their point.

Debut single: FREEDOM

“Freedom“ is an anthem for bringing on change, written with the intention
to bring light to the constant battle for women’s rights. Each of the cities they
sing about have particular instances associated with them where women were
treated unjustly.

TUTV: It’s an incredible shame that women still have to fight for so many fundamental rights. It’s bloody 2023 and so much female injustice is still a reality. So, it’s great that female artists get up, stand up and fight for their right to tackle this human disease.

Chic Choc do it right away on their fantastic debut single. An electronic-booming EBM knockout to fill dance floors with. Boosting beats, catching chorus, sensuous vocals and
a protesting choir, combine for a sassy stunner. Bang-on. Le freak, c’est chique choc.

Freedom for every woman on the planet.

CC: Facebook – Instagram

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