Waking Up With 5th PROJEKT And Their Head Over Heels Post-Punk Groove ‘THE PACE’

Daily noise that works faster than a gallon of caffeine

9 March 2023

Band: 5th PROJEKT
Who: A Toronto duo creating cinematic art-rock sound with melodic vocals and atmospheric guitars. Bordering on experimental art pop, the female fronted genre-bending band draws inspiration from surf rock, drum and bass and metal.

New single: THE PACE
Cut from their amazing 4-track EP The Wolf.

“‘The Wolf’ is the first of 3 EPs the band will be releasing, inspired by The Camino Santiago de Compostela. The EP was years in the making, an alchemical process inspired by Rice and McNalty’s weeks-long journey under the Milky Way following ley lines on the Camino de Santiagoa.

Artwork EP

TUTV: From the get-go The Pace grabs you by the throat. It’s an accelerated projectile,
a whopping whirlwind. It bangs and batters and when it slows down for a moment it’s the harbinger of another attack. The driving engine is the striking drum/bass collaboration, while crazed guitars have their way and feverish vocals add a tone of mystery. Great project this is.

Tune in.

Also st(r)eaming on

5th PROJEKT: Facebook – Instagram

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