Waking Up With The Astonishing German Doom-Trap Snake MIMI BARKS

Daily noise that works faster and harder than caffeine

14 March 2023

German doom-trap artist MIMI BARKS made eyebrows raise and ears quiver with her tempestuous and bone-chilling 10-track mixtape named DEADGIRL. An ominous exploit
of furious electro-horror-punk. “It’s literally a journey from self-hating to self-healing.” said Barks.

One of the unquestionable standout tracks is 10.steps.back.
A vicious primal scream rant for parties at graveyards.

“God damn keep the distance
I said 10.steps.back better listen
You ain’t worth your existence
You ain’t a threat, you´re a victim”

Barks launched an astonishing video clip for it, recently.

A creepy and claustrophobic affair where you she consecutive flashes of Barks
handling a snake while all sorts of freakish insects show up everywhere. If your
a snake-phobic like me you’re blood pressure and adrenalin production will
raise to unprecedented heights.

Roll the tape.
Go 10.steps.back.

Tour Dates

MIMI BARKS: Instagram – Facebook


  1. Otto von Ruggins · 18 Days Ago

    I subscribe because you are prolific with so many posts that provide valuable information about what’s going on in musick around the World! Kudos to your amazing time spent putting this all together. Don’t think I want to attend a Mimi Barks Concert, but just to know she exists is amazing to see her from 10 steps back! Thanks for your detective research in finding so many worthy performers to showcase!


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