Waking Up With Techno Experts THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS, A Marching Band And Adrian Borland

Daily noise that works faster and harder than caffeine

18 March 2023

British techno experts THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS have a brand
new single out. It’s titled NO REASON. They announced it this way.

“We’re very excited to share our new song ‘No Reason’. If you’ve seen us play
live over the last year, you may have already heard an early version of it in our
sets. The song contains a vocal sample from the amazing song ‘Courts or Wars’
by the band Second Layer. We would like to thank Graham Bailey, Stephen Budd
and the family of Adrian Borland for permission and blessing to use the sample.
It means a lot.””

March along with the band.

Here’s the 1979 track Courts Or Wars, of which the Bros sampled vocals, by
Second Layer
. A British post-punk band that only lasted for one EP and two years.
It featured the late Adrian Borland (1957-1999) on vocals who afterward became
the mastermind of The Sound

The Chemical Brothers: Website – Instagram

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