Waking Up With Norwegian Riff Rock Team ELECTRIC HIGH And New Headbutt ‘SEVEN WONDERS’

Daily noise that works faster and harder than a gallon of caffeine

20 March 2023

©Francisco Munoz

ELECTRIC HIGH is a high-voltage rock team from Bergen, Norway.
A 5-piece that goes straight for the throat, fronted by two in-your-face
lead singers, while the band shoots out pure electric power.

Proof of it all is their new headbutt named SEVEN WONDERS.
A song about taking it more than a few steps too far and biting
far more than you can chew.

TUTV: On Seven Wonders this Norwegian hit team go gaga again with
rabid riffage, a pounding rhythm section, and maniacal vocals by the
two vivid vocalists boasting ridiculous promises based on historical myths
of Zeus, Helios, King Nebukadnesar of Babylon, and the seven wonders of the
ancient world. Around the 3-minute mark a freaked-out guitar solo is the
harbinger for a demented finale that attacks your stereo with puissance.

This is what raging rock ‘n’ roll is all about. All motors and
all cylinders on, turning the decibels to the max and going berserk.

Tune in.

ELECTRIC HIGH: Facebook – Website

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