Best EP Of March 2023 – Rap Poet JODIE LANGFORD With ‘CHAOS OF TIME’

1 April 2023

Who: Swirling wordsmith from
the Hull / East Yorkshire (UK) area.


Turn Up The Volume has his eyes and ears on this kick-ass hip-rap-hop poet for a while. Actually, since her stupendous debut single I Miss It. Why? Her human openmindedness, her critical, head-on outspokenness, her faster-than-a-riot-gun ranting, and her sharp daily life observations. And last but not least the fact she embedded all I just mentioned in head-spinning and hyperkinetic tunes.

Now that you know all that let’s get to the EP. Thematically Langford explores the complexities of her own mental health and deals with feelings like obsession, heartbreak, anger and despair. Unfortunately many young people – worldwide – can connect with these emotionally debilitating issues.

Let’s have a track-by-track breakdown
with the author herself.


Jodie: “Its incessant nature is inspired by Underworld’s Born Slippy,
I wanted it to feel like a stream of consciousness with an unsettling
undertone to it”.

TUTV: It resonates as if the Chem Bros are taking
care of the breakbeats… in fast-forward modus.


Jodie: “We’d sit in the darkness looking out at sea, slagging off boys, listen to
cringe-worthy sad songs & bawl our eyes out. Before heading back, we’d look
each other in the eye, laugh & then snap out of it. It’s about owning your emotions,
feeling OK with vulnerability & how that in turn makes you stronger”.

TUTV: Aphex Twin having fun? Sounds like.


Jodie: “The song tackles the subject of growing up with a warped sense of what a relationship really entails. I’ve had a difficult, almost non-existent relationship with my father leaving me feeling unwanted. After years of heartache & reflection, I now know that he does love me & this is a cry for him to prove that”.

TUTV: A slo-mo moment of reflection with subtle
piano touches. Gripping and heavy-hearted.


Initially inspired by M.I.A.’s Paper Planes about Sri Lanka’s government oppression of the Tamils, Take Your Money challenges the UK’s big decision makers & how they oppress the less fortunate for their own gain through a lyric about defunding of the NHS & how those who can’t afford private healthcare are left to suffer.


Jodie: “It captures how I discovered mankind’s blossoming imperfections & why
I shouldn’t punish myself for not having the same qualities as others, like intelligence, appearance or social skills etc. I can often be my own bully which really messes with
the judgment behind some of my life decisions”.

TUTV: Be who you are.


A Jodie remix of her debut single, about the time
when trying to get back on her feet after the lockdown.

TUTV: Don’t miss Jodie Langford. She’s special

FULL EP on Spotify.

JODIE LANGFORD: Twitter – Instagram

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