SPARKS Brothers Still Surprise After All These Years – Hear New Single ‘VERONICA LAKE

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23 April 2023

The brothers Ron and Russell Mael, famously known as SPARKS are
around since 1966, yes, that’s 57 years and no sign of calling it a day.
On the contrary.

On 26 May they’ll make all their fans – old, middle-aged
and young – happy with their 25th album. It’s titled

The Mael bros about the new LP: “As bold and uncompromising
as anything we did back then, or for that matter, anytime throughout
our career.”

The title track was the lead single and another just arrived.
VERONICA LAKE is a nervous runner of a song about
the famous film and TV actress (1922 – 1973).

Quite whimsical.

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