Waking Up With… Peppery L.A. Punk Mermaids THE AQUADOLLS And New Charming Stroke ‘FAR FAR AWAY’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

Press photo by Jenna Houchin

14 May 2023

Press photo by Jenna Houchin

THE AQUADOLLS are three peppery punk mermaids from Los Angeles. The trio was formed 3 years ago by primary singer, songwriter and guitarist Melissa Brooks. In high school, she was bullied by her peers, and music served as a therapeutic way to express herself in a positive way. Though she initially aspired to be

The riot pop-rock Grrls are gearing up for their 3rd LP,
baptized Charmed out June 2. Pre-save here.

Ahead of it the dolls share taster number four, named FAR FAR AWAY.

Brooks: “’Far Far Away’ is a fairytale twist on the working class, discussing that
the only person who can truly save you is yourself. Recorded by Chris Szcech, this
up-tempo track features surfy guitar licks reminiscent of early Vampire Weekend
and hand claps to ensure that anyone can clap and chant along to this modern
self-love fairytale.”

TUTV: To my ears Far Far Away has that fervent flair and vivid verve of surf-pop
act The Drums. It’s an enticing tune to start and end any day with. Juicy and racy
with Brooks‘ zippy vocals in the middle. Charming stroke.

Press play.
Clap your hands.

All 4 singles.

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