THE MANIC BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB Pump Up The Jam With Their New Ecstatic Single ‘LOSE MY MIND’

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18 May 2023

Photo credit: Iman Qasemi

Who: The musical project of Canadian siblings Bela and Fernando Ferreira, born out of a desire to escape from the mundane, and instead, form a refuge for misfits. After being raised strict Catholics and shipped off to Portugal to live with their grandmother–a former nun–the siblings decided to run the other way, and refuse to become submissive and apathetic, like a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde.

New single: LOSE MY MIND

It’s a liberating, drum-backed anthem that allows the band to break free from any stress or obligations in pursuit of a good night. Ferreira used the first guitar his parents ever bought him on this track.

Ferreira (vocals/guitar): “The track is inspired by the nights we just wanna tune the world out. The times we need to escape reality. Not try to find yourself, not figure life out, not think about tomorrow. It’s about walking into the moments that turn into the nights we never forget.” Plus, as a touching callback to his youth, Ferreira used the first guitar his parents ever bought him on this track.”

The accompanying video, directed by Ernie Vasquez and produced by
Gustavo Lopez, follows the duo on a crazy, vibrant night out in Las Vegas.

TUTV: Good times or bad times, it’s always (in)sane to lose your marbles while
diving into a hot let’s have a ball night, now and then. And ‘Lose Your Mind‘ is the
matching master blaster to double your adrenalin production an make you feel
flying eight miles high while you jump from bar to bar, from club to club.

It’s sheer sonic euphoria.

The siblings’ vivid duet vocals inject this flamboyant power-pop corker with rapturous
juice all the way through and blow you away when their elated voices reach for the sky when the ablaze chorus comes on. Wow! Double Wow!

Pump up the jam to the max, open your windows and doors and
get together in the streets to party like it’s 1999 all over again.

Right here.
Right now.

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