Waking Up… In The ‘NIGHT TIME’ With Soul-Stirring Scottish Rockers BROKEN RECORDS

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6 June 2023

Photo by Solen Collent


Who: Celebrated pop/rock outfit from Edinburgh, Scotland, that initially began life in 2007 as a three-piece, forming around the nucleus of brothers Jamie and Rory Sutherland, soon afterward Broken Records became a 7-piece operation that played all over the UK, Europe and the US and is gearing up ,now for a new longplayer and another tour.

Album artwork

New single: NIGHT TIME

The first single from their new, 5th full length, named
The Dreamless Sleep Of The 1990s . A record described by
BR as “A quiet record, a late-night record.” Pre-order info here.

Jamie Sutherland (frontman): “It’s a song about remembering old loves and the sweetness that comes with how they were everything and how those feelings now feel so dwarfed by the magnitude of marriage, children, responsibility, family. The simple, sweet pain, elation, and self-indulgence of being heartbroken and young when nothing was really of any consequence.”

TUTV: Night Time is a buzzy, awe-inspiring, and anthemic feat. It has that engrossing and afire rock swagger of Bruce Springsteen‘s melancholic Americana exploits, it’s infused with The Edge-like guitar sparks and frontman Sutherland‘s vivid signing is a perfect match for this towering standout of a song. Euphoric pop at its soul-stirring best. Touchdown! Just added it to my ‘best-tracks-of-2023’ notebook.


Also streaming on Spotify.

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