EXCUSE ME. – Canadian Collective Cause A Flush Of Excitement On Their New Belter ‘COPS’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

10 June 2023

Who: An Ontario-based five-piece that
conjures an exciting vein of rock.

New single: COPS

“Ever been so sure of something, that even a police chase wouldn’t stop
you from pursuing your goal? That’s what ‘Cops’ is all about. We took the
gritty rock of bands like PUP / Wolf Alice and injected it with the spacey sonics
of Joy Division.”

TUTV: Once this bracing belter’s bass riff and matching drum beat infiltrated
your ears’ speakers, they will bounce there with force for some time. It’s the
engine of the sonic hurly-burly at work here.

It’s extra juiced with fireworks guitars and feverish vocals on the head-over-heels
chorus, Cops is a caffeine-infused crackerjack causing a flush of excitement. And when
it fades out on a slower pace, you’re already heading for the repeat button. The delirious buzz and fuzz at play here works faster than any stimulant. Fact!

Start the car.
Speed up.

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