Waking Up With… Britpop Legends BLUR Rockin’ Out Big Time On New Single Titled ‘ST. CHARLES SQUARE

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30 June 2023

Album artwork

Early this year London‘s Britpop legends BLUR announced
several massive shows in and out of the UK, but no hint at
new music.

But that changed last month when they announced their 9th LP, named
The Ballad Of Darren, and planned to be released on 21 July.

Pre-order info here.

The artwork depicts a photo of the Gourock Pool in Renfrewshire (Scotland)
by British photographer Martin Parr.

Following last month’s first single, Blur-esque pop tune The Narcissist we get a 2nd appetizer ST. CHARLES SQUARE. A different kind of beast. Graham Coxon (confirmed
by Albarn, see below) can/may riff and rock again on a Blur track.

Albarn about it: “I was just really relieved it went this way in the studio. I mean, in my demo it sort of alluded to it because of the chords that hold in the chorus — it’s got that chug to it — but Graham [Coxon] really went with it … It’s got an amazing atmosphere. Everybody’s playing really well on that thing.”


BLUR: Website – Instagram

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