KATIE MF – British Songstress Rolls And Rocks And Roars On New Single ‘JAPANESE WHISKEY’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

5 July 2023

Artist: KATIE MF
Who: Singer, guitarist and songwriter from London who embraces the anti-conformity, anti-authoritarianism, do-it-yourself ethic of punk rock, effortlessly combining this with
the socially conscious storytelling associated with folk music.

Will feature on her debut LP, named False Starts, Open Endings
and out on 15th September via Lockjaw Records.

Katie Mf: “The chorus references wanting open endings and false starts as a counterpoint to the predictability of endless days alone in my flat, where I wrote the song, and the rest is just a bit of a fuck it, let’s move fast now because I am SO DONE with being patient and living a slow life.”

Turn Up The Volume: Fasten your seatbelts as Katie Mf takes you on a high-speed
punk-rock rush. From the outset, she’s on a roaring roll without brakes, without breaks. Imagine Green Day on amphetamines, fronted by Miley Cyrus. 191 seconds of breaking
out and chasing freedom with a cold beer and warm hearts and an eagerly vocal chorus. Around the two-minute mark, you can take a breather before diving head-first into the fireworks finale. Rapid-fire hit!

Have a beer.
Rock your socks off.

Also st(r)eaming on Spotify.

KATIE MF: Facebook – Instagram

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