British Post-Goth-Punk Duo PEAK FLOW Rush And Race On Debut Single ‘RUNNING TO YOU’

12 July 2023

Who: A Post-Punk/Goth duo hailing from Doncaster, UK. The duo draw influences from
80s synth and Post-Punk/Goth bands like The Cure, Jesus and Mary chain, Joy division and Echo and the Bunnymen.

Debut single: RUNNING TO YOU

“The song tells a story of a broken relationship. One half recalling the happy times and wanting to rekindle the relationship, with the other half realising that the damage is done and there can be no turning back.”

TUTV: Glowing synths accompanied by driving drum/bass/guitar peppiness open up this sharp-cuttting crackerjack that speeds up in an eye blink with vigour and pizazz and goes aflame when the poignant chorus erupts with agitated vocals all over it and echoes of Sisters Of Mercy‘s haunting bravado. Sticky rush and racing stuff. Top debut.

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