Songsmith SHAMIR Astounds With New Sickly Sticky Indie Tune ‘OUR SONG’

Daily noise working faster than any stimulant

15 July 2023

Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter SHAMIR releases his
9th album, named HOMO ANXIETATEM on 18th August.

Pre-order info here.

Ahead of it Shamir just dropped the second taster of the LP,
titled OUR SONG, following lead single Oversized Sweater.

Shamir: “It took about three months to write this song, which is the longest it’s
ever taken me to write a song. The music video is a love letter to my band. Grant
Pavol and Rhea Freed are the only reason I still play live. I wanted the video to
focus on the three of us as a band”.

TUTV: Our Song is a sickly sticky indie tune that gets under your skin from
the kick-off and heads with flair and verve towards a fiery finale enlivened
by Shamir‘s astounding voice.

Tune in.

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