DEAD IN BLUE – British Raucous Trio Explode On New Riff Monster ‘FEELINGS’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

30 August 2023

Who: Three noise rockers from Hull (UK) you can
air guitar and scream to until your lungs give out.

New single: FEELINGS
Only the trio’s second one. Lyrically, it touches on innermost thoughts around rejection and regret experienced when personal relationships fall apart, part of life’s journey that we all have to deal with from time to time and overcome.

DIB: “Feelings was the first song we ever wrote together so it’s kind of like our favourite
child you could say. Despite having a large period of time between initially writing the song
and getting it recorded there haven’t been too many major changes with it so the original sentiment is thankfully still well represented. We’ve always been very happy with how it sounds and it’s a fan favourite when we play it live too.”

TUTV: Think Guns N’ Roses, Linkin’ Park and My Chemical Romance all rolled into one titanic riff monster. Feelings is a maddening metallic projectile that speeds straightforwardly with all engines on. No rest for the wicked. This clamorous crusher can help you to get up again after a relationship breakdown. Advice: You’d better warn your neighbours that lots of noise is coming up before you start playing this deafening burst. If not, you will risk to
have a visit by the anti-decibels police.

Release the beast.


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