Superstar SAM FENDER Elated The Masses At Reading/Leeds Fest With ‘SEVENTEEN GOING UNDER’

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1 September 2023

To be honest, I don’t really know a lot about British superstar SAM FENDER
and his music except that, eh, he’s a young (only 29) superstar loved by millions,
selling millions of records.

But when surfing a few days ago on YouTube to find registrations of performances
from the Reading + Leeds Festival that took place last week, from 25-27 August,
I came across the young superstar.

The video in question captured his loud and clear rendition of SEVENTEEN GOING UNDER, cleary one of his giant hits (more than 177 million streams on Spotify – yep,
I did some research).

My oh my, I was immediately struck by the sheer football stadium atmosphere,
where everybody sings/screams their hearts and lungs out. Overwhelming.

I didn’t turn into a Sam Fender fan, but if you can cause this kind of gigantic
euphoria you have my respect. Yes, now I know why he’s a supestar. Do you?

SAM FENDER: Discography – Instagram

(Photo on top: cover of his ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ album)

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