EWAN MACFARLANE – Scottish Singer-Songwriter Fades Out The Fear With His New Wholehearted Rocker

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

13 September 2023

Who: Acclaimed Scottish singer-songwriter with
3 albums (check them out on Spotify) on his résume
and number 4 coming up.


Title track from the 4th LP, out this winter.

Press info: “‘Fade Out the Fear’ confronts mental illness head-on, urging listeners
to break free from the grips of fear and embrace hope. With infectious hooks and
relatable themes, this track deserves a spot on your most cherished playlists. It serves
as a beacon of strength, reminding us all to hold back from getting caught up in drama and to let ourselves ‘fade out the fear’.”

TUTV: As I read firstly that the song’s theme was about fighting mental illness
I could relate before I heard it, as I struggled with bipolar problems myself for
years. It’s a drag that messes up your life in a hard to explain way. Always good
to hear embolding music that arouses hope for everybody out there who experienced/experience those burdensome feelings.

Ewan Macfarlane‘s mighty voice is the star on this wholehearted Springsteen-esque
rocker. Americana ardency the Scottish way delivered with dedication, fervor and arousing electricity and when the loud and clear chorus hit your speakers it feels as if he wants to crush the fear with sonic assertiveness and fearlessness. Sublime stroke.



EM: Linktree

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