THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS Offer Different Techno Vibes For Different Moods On Their 10th Album ‘FOR THAT BEAUTIFUL FEELING’

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26 September 2023

Manchester‘s longtime techno wizzards THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS
have their new, 10th LP, FOR THAT BEAUTIFUL FEELING out.

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NME says: “Two-and-a-half decades into their career, everyone knows The Chemical Brothers are masters of their craft. But it’s the iconic Manchester duo’s constant reinvention of their sound, pushing festival-filling dance music further into the stratosphere, that has kept these dance giants atop the electronic music throne… On their 10th album, The Chemical Brothers remain the best in the business.” Full review here. Score: 4/5.

TUTV: After almost 25 years, the Chem Bros still have no intention of slowing down.
On the contrary, with this 10th album, they let the world know that they still are
experts in what they do for so long. This time they offer different vibes for different moods, featuring different vocalists, to fill massive discotheques with and attract big crowds to their rapturous shows

You can go bonkers to vintage CB techno firework (Live Again / No Reason / Feels Like I’m Dreaming / The Weight), you can leave the dancefloor and go to the chill-out space, let your mind absorb the bleeps and beeps and relax to smooth psych grooves like Goodbye (feat. passionate female soul vocals), Fountains (with subtle Freak Le Chic guitar sparks) and the title track with yearning vocals by French singer Hallo Maud, and retro trips for disco fanatics (The Darkness That You fear / Magic Wand / Skipping Like A Stone with Beck).

Enough new intoxicating material to integrate in the setlist for their
upcoming concerts and make fans experience beautiful feelings.

Key singles: No Reason / Live Again


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