Waking Up With Swedish Blitzkrieg Turbo MORLOCKS Chasing DICKS IN TANKS

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

26 September 2023

2023 photo by Krichan Wihlbor


Who: Swedish turbo founded last Century by mastermind J.Strauss, having several line-ups over the years. They operate around the borderlines between the collective subconscious, paradoxical multiverses and the bad conscience of the world (as we know it). They travel either like sinister prowlers through the shadows, or like a raging bulldozer, sneaking and bolting through and between the Cold War, radioactive wastelands, the catacombs of Rome and unspeakable dimensions beyond the Unknown Kadath.

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Out on 6 October via Metropolis Records.

Pre-order info here.


With guest vocal appearances from Sascha Konietzko of KMFDM, dark ambient
electro queen Karin My and black metal maestro Heljarmadr of GrĂ¡/Dark Funeral.

TUTV: War can be fun, well with Morlocks‘ cynical take on it that is.
Salute every hard on, a call to arms / this is my klaxon / sound the alarms.

Dicks In Tanks starts with warning war sirens, marching soldiers chants.
90 seconds later, it’s all hens on deck when this industrial rock missile
erupts with a blitzkrieg fierceness.

Think Rammstein and NIN having a fight with riot guns. Menacing growls and howls suggest imminent danger and when the clamorous chorus crashes in, it’s time to go to the battlefield. Midway, all need a breather in order to put fuel in the tank and continue the supersonic attacks will all burners on. War can be fun, in case Morlocks lead the troops.

Beat and defeat
Watch out for the mines
Penetrate the defensive lines
Swords for the hordes
Every member deployed
Cherish the joy to destroy

Jump in your own tank
and kick dicks’ asses.




MORLOCKS: Website – Facebook – Bandcamp
TUTV:Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

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