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10 October 2023

Who: Oklahoma unit with no less than 3 singer/songwriters who
intertwine modern pop and rock song structures with hooks heavily
under the influence of power pop masterworks of the 60s and 70s.

Albums: Apollo (2015), Mama’s Boy (2018), Goodnight Noises
(2019), Nighthawks (2021) and #5 coming soon.

New single: BORN WEIRD

Piece from their forthcoming, 5th longplayer, named In The Black.
It comes our way on October 20th via Big Stir Records.

Artwork new album ‘In The Black’

About: “It is a very positive song and it was somewhat therapeutic and/or cathartic
to construct the lyrics as we put it together during the height of the pandemic. It’s really
like a sort of ‘pep talk’. In truth, ‘Born Weird‘ is both a much-needed anthem for anyone
feeling out of place in the modern world”

TUTV: Born Weird draws your aural attention on the spot. It’s a pithy power pop
nugget that moves forth and back, fast and slow, left and right. It’s a feel-better,
post-lockdown anthem, echoing the vivid verve of The Gaslight Anthem and the
emo swagger of Jimmy Eat World.

The layered guitar ravishment, the riveting and harmonious vocals
and the magnetic refrain combine for a top-drawer score. Touchdown.



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