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Every week 10 new rad tracks added

In order to not miss a beat Turn Up The Volume scans the musical
horizon daily (doing it for years now, actually) to stay in touch with
all new things sonically great and shares the results on a weekly

Check the 10 new rad cuts just
added to this rad 2023 playlist.


1. ‘Baby I Call Hell’ by DEAP VALLY (California)

A couple of weeks ago Deap Vally, one of the best bands of the past 10 years
according to my ears and eyes, announced the end of their amazing journey.

They’ll say farewell with an extensive tour starting next month (all dates here),
a new vinyl edition of their debut LP Sistrionic (pre-order here), and this new
smashing version of their smashing single from that smashing debut album.



Superstar LENNY KRAVITZ (born Leonard Albert Kravitz in New York City
59 years ago) returns next year – 15 March 2024 – with his 12th album,
a double one, baptized Blue Electric Light.

Lead single ‘TK421’ is a 24-Carat funky rocker.

On the accompanying video Kravitz shakes a lot of bare body parts.


3. ‘Flutter On Your Signal’ by DEAD ANYWAY (Gloucester, UK)

I discovered this two outspoken and life-observing duo – Kate Arnold (lyrics/vocals)
and Marc Symonds (beats/instruments) only last week after on the occasion of an interview with politics driven, American punk poet Joshua Baumgarten of Dutch rock unit The Irrational Library.

Dead Anyway produces the very post-punk turmoil and
society-critical stories that I have loved since I was born.

Flutter On Your Signal comes from their new 4-track EP B-Sides And Oddities.
It’s a synth-shoving and drum-beating groover with turbulent spoken-word
vocals rolling over it. Think The Stone Roses‘ 1989 pysch jam Fools Gold. Yes,
that good.

Tune in.


4. ‘Sometimes I Swear’ by THE VACCINES (UK)

(Photo by Turn Up the Volume – Lokerse Feesten, Belgium – 2022)

The British pop idols canned their new, sixth full-length, named
Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations. It comes out on 12 January 2024.

Ahead of it comes this glorious single. A pure vaccine(s) knockout.


5. LSD.TV by WAXX! (Norwich UK)

The song is a poignant reminder of the black hole the mainstream media and commercial
TV landscape can create in today’s society. Sometimes you have to change the channel to truly escape what is going on in our reality, but still somehow end up feeling remote. The song pulls together speaker, ripping guitar tones, driving bass lines, thumping drums and waving synthesisers for a very floaty vocal to sail on top of to hopefully fine you a channel that’s for you

This addictive LSD snorter invites you to channel your restless thoughts. It’s spiraling tempo, layered orchestration, poppy harmonies, afire guitars and zippy chorus combine for an amplified, psychedelic triumph.


6. ‘Black Angel’ by DEREK SMITH (Boston, MA)

Photo Credit: Courtesy

“I am talking directly to God in this song. Whatever the concept of God is.
Real, fake, whatever. I am not flat-out saying what I believe. Though, I am
sure people are smart enough to know what and how I feel.”

Smith has so far two albums on his résumé, Rubedo (2022)
and last summer’s Obscura and no signs of a pause yet.

Black Angel is a sky-scraping standout of a song, with Smith‘s astonishing voice
as the hero in the middle. This impassioned doozy bursts with expressive emotion
and stirring sensibility. Bluesy, soulful, guitar-crazy Americana. I’m sure God added
it to his divine Spotify playlist.

Get puzzled.


7. ‘POV’ by VIA CROWE (US)

Only 17, only 3 songs out (the first one last July), and already making
a huge impression, sonically and vocally. It’s a quite rare experience.

Crowe is definitely going places. POV is a splendid pop-flavored
rocker with a gloriously full-on sonority throughout.Top!

Think Sharon Van Etten/Angel Olsen.

Keep your ears peeled for her debut album,
titled UNFINISHED and landing on October 27th.


8. ‘Disregard’ by FULVETTA (Dublin, Ireland)

Fulvetta are a Dublin-based 4-piece. They imbibe influences from a variety of
genres and bands without being in hock to them – dreamy, reverb-laden shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine, classic 90s era Smashing Pumpkins and fuzzed up
noise from the likes of Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth.

Disregard is a bittersweet shoegaze symphony going sky-high, propelled by layers
of guitar commotion after a dreamy intro. This sonic process repeats it itself with
dense intensity and grows towards a rhapsodic finale. Magnificent.


9. ‘Thorazine Bender’ by INSTANT SMILE (Philadelphia)

Philly‘s DIY rockers, husband-wife (guitarist Greg Phoenix and drummer Erin Berry)
draw influences from 60s and 70s era pop, classic rock, psych, and prog, and reformulate them into a thoughtful, satisfying, modern – and unique – take on rock and roll.

They just dropped a new, 4-track EP, titled 4 X 2

Opener Thorazine Bender is a blues-rock ripper spiced with rockabilly
guitar electricity, rattling drums, and edged vocals. I hear white stripes vibes
in my ears.



10. ‘All I Die For’ by SWiiMS (Toronto, Canada)

“The songs is about the beginning stages of a relationship, how you try to make yourself more intriguing or impressive than you are in order to keep that person interested. It also describes the feeling of hopefulness, bliss and loss of control that the start of any new relationship brings.”

No it’s not a new single from British shoegaze heroes Slowdive‘s brand new LP, but my ears tell me that All I Die For has the quality to be part of it. The breezy combination of shiny synths, radiant guitars, floating melodiousness and the whispering vocals will reveal why I made that comparison.



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