WAYFARER – Canadian Electricity And Middle Finger For All Greedy Landlords On New Single ‘EVICTION SPREE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

20 October 2023

Who: Impassioned rock team from Hamilton, Canada with
3 albums (so far) on their résumé. Check them out on Spotify.


“The song “Eviction Spree” is a snapshot of a moment in time where my family
experienced what sadly so many have the last few years: losing your stable affordable
housing to unrelenting greed. It’s so easy to break and to let your fury poison every aspect
of your life. The stress and fear are all consuming when you’re scrambling to figure out
how to continue to provide a home for the ones you love.”

TUTV: Full force ahead from the get-go, never looking back. Hungry guitars all over
the place, firm drums, full-hearted vocals and a blazing chorus. High-powered electricity
all the way. Reference? Band Of Horses at their spry best. Eviction Spree will give you a boost, make your day. Raise your middle finger at all greedy landlords. Hell yeah!



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