BUZZARD BUZZARD BUZZARD – Welsh Mavericks Stun With New Psychedelic Jaw-Dropper ‘THERAPY’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

7 November 2023

Pic by Charlie Barclay Harris

Who: 4 Welsh mavericks who were nominated last year
the Welsh Music Prize for their debut album Backhand Deals.
You can stream it here

New single: THERAPY
It follows their ‘Chew‘ single shared earlier this year.

Tom Rees (frontman/songwriter): “Not surprisingly I wrote ‘Therapy’ after I had my
head squeezed like a giant cyst and years and years of backlogged pus just started oozing
out (“my father” this and “my mother” that). I was so impressed by how great I felt that I became a massive nuisance to everyone around me telling them they need to go to therapy – big “a person you kind of know telling you that you NEED to watch Breaking Bad” vibes – so this song was really an extension of that. More than anything it was a fun opportunity to be creative with imagery around feeling frustrated, and the freedom that came from getting the help to understand why.”

TUTV: This is an intoxicating groover that rotates instantly in your head with the sassy swagger, the amphetamine vigor and the high-pitched vocality of Queens Of The Stone Age.

It’s an addictive jam all the way with hysterical guitars taking over around the 4-minute mark, injecting this psych jaw-dropper with tons of electric adrenalin while the backbeat bulldozes on and on. Mental stuff. And so much cheaper than a shrink.

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